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This is the site for information regarding the Restricted Bat League

We are a softball league open to residents of The Villages, FL.


We provide an opportunity to play the game under conditions of friendly and equitable competition. We established our league to play softball as we played it in our younger days, where defense plays a significant factor in the outcome of games. For that reason the RBL only uses single-wall metal bats or wood bats.

The RBL is structured much the same as The Villages Recreation League, and plays the same seasonal schedule. We have a seasonal draft with the number of teams based on the number of players signed up.

RBL goals are to:

  • Make defense a more significant factor in the outcome of games.
  • Allow infielders more time to react to a batted ball.
  • Create a safer game and extend the years that we can play softball.
  • Have fun


The RBL plays Tuesday Afternoons at 2:00 and 3:30 PM at the Buffalo Glen Softball Complex

Open to “grandfathered” Div 1 and all Division 2, 3, and 4 players

Applications available at Saddlebrook RC or this website


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